Month: December 2013

Out Of Balance

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How out of balance is your world?
How about the world at large?
Do you ever wonder what’s going on?In today’s world, everything is getting blown out of proportion:
our bodies
our stress
our children
Insanityor blown away
our health
our education
moral living
financial security

How do you want to live your life?
Where do you find balance?

Cancer, like insanity, seems to increase with the progress of civilization. – Stanislaus Tanchou
… and while we’re there… where is all the time gone to do anything about it?
I doubt this is a little attack by the devil.
We’re all getting taken out.
Take a moment – 5 – 10 minutes and simply dream
Dream of being in control.
Dream of thin
Dream of fun energy and pizzazz
Dream of healthy vitality
Dream of success
Dream of loving relationships
Dream of a great you – in all your glory
Now get to it.
Scott Coombe

8Dec13 A Humbling Revelation

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How much money would it take to fulfill your dreams?

What if there was another way?

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I didn’t know what was going on… I typically sleep very well.

So I began praying for some people at the Klemmer conference I’m at, who have just played a game that exposed some great weaknesses in their life. I’m praying they receive grace and hold that broken part up as an offering to be destroyed.

See, I can only say God has shown me how truly powerful I am… how loved and more…

He’s shown how truly set apart He is.

I hadn’t been reading my Bible lately and I got the impression He wanted to show me something.

So, when that impression is upon me, I open the Bible to a random spot and see what He has for me.

I opened to Ezra 7 18-20.

I was curious what God was saying until I finished verse 20.

Then I was dumbstruck.

“Lord, did you just open the vaults of the Royal treasury to me?”

Granted, I’m to take care of His house, but their is plenty of overflow

and to do what I want.

I was still dumbstruck and tears.

So I said I wanted confirmation.

So I flipped to another place to see if that talked about money as well.

I landed on Luke 6: 30-38.

It talked about giving love, doing good and “lending” without receiving payback.

It showed me His heart.

He is giving all the time.

He is blessings, loving, sharing, reproving, training up, maturing,

speaking to, comforting, encouraging, speaking into, and yes, lending

to all of the almost 6 billion people here on Earth each moment of the day.

So, opening up His treasury for His will to be done is totally

within His character.

He just needs the right messenger.

And apparently, He decided I’m ready.

tears keep filling my eyes.

Do you know what kind of wonderment recognition blessing

this is doing to me right now.

I’m in total awe of God.

I’ve just been trying to deal with some resentments and speak love into some people’s hearts.

There is so much pain going on in the world.

So much misunderstanding.

I’m really lost with all this compassion.

And feeling so overwhelmingly blessed.

I know I was not asking for money ‘per se’

but knowing that the vaults are open and the money for

what I am asking will fall in my lap?????

That is true blessing.

So, I opened my devotional for today.


It talked about Cinderella.

How when the invitation arrived, she opened her heart to go to the ball.

God sends an invitation and our desires can go free.

I feel I just got an amazing invitation this morning.

I feel like my heart is bursting.

Like I’m dancing between intellectual and mystic

which is maybe what God wants to use right now.

And where I am weak

He will show strength.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And may you be blessed

in many ways and wonders.

Scott Coombe

I love to be alone.
But my purpose lies beyond the safety of my walls.
And to that end, I must learn people.
For much of the riches of life are spent with people

Newest Book On Dinosaurs Coming Soon

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Just finished my book on Dinosaurs,
I think it’s going to be a big hit.

But then I’m just that kind of guy.

Not all of these dinosaurs are represented, but I love looking at what inspires me.

Now, picture them with an honor sword.

Oh, yeah.

Even little boys will want to learn to read to get these books.

And it comes with a great message for our world.

I’m looking for a great artist to do the illustrations.

Pretty soon I hope to have a link for you to pre-order an autographed copy.

I’m pretty excited.

I hope your kids are ready for play with dinosaurs

It’s coming

Scott Coombe