New Year Resolutions or Goals… Are They Worth It?

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So, today is the 4th of January and many people have already given up

on their goals and resolutions to

loose pounds or

work out everyday or

even take more time with their spouse.

Is this all supposed to be something to drive us crazy and guilty…

or is there a deeper purpose to goal setting and personal development.

Let me share something about success.

The secret to success is to have a very clear goal or dream / desire.

If you don’t have anything specific (even if it’s an emotion – to be loved, blessed or lucky)

then you will not get anything you desire.

I talked to someone and they felt they didn’t need a dream or goals.

I said that was fine, but if life was going to give them all their dreams come true…

would they even know what what it would look life?


So, I remember sitting in my car on January 1 and jotting down some realistic goals to move towards in 2014.

This is the condensed version as some I know will take much longer than 1 year to accomplish.

I will be making some 10 year goals and even 100 year goals.

Yes, I want my impact on this world to be around long after my lifetime.

but here is what I’m working forward to this year.

Write (at least) 2 more books.  I just finished one children book and the other two may be sequels.

Become wealthy – I know that is not measurable so I later added (at least 1 million / year) I may not hit that number this year, but it will have begun.

A free FJ Cruiser. I don’t know if someone will give it to me, but i will not earn it… it may be some money gained for free that I decide to spend on my next car. In all, I am bringing in a free FJ Cruiser.

A large home on a large lot.  This is the begining of a series of dreams first started by the book I just finished. Other parts are listed here about it too.

Create my dinosaur land. This is going to be a playland park with life sized dinosaurs around. I have big dreams for this.

Free time and play time with my kids. I am designating a certain amount of my income to weekend play activities with just my two kiddos and I. Right now, it’s starting at $25 but shall go up with my income.

No more employment for me. My desire is to be retired as we know it. I will have plenty of work to do on my dreams, goals and ministries, but working for someone else’s dreams is going to end this year.

I have been to an organization called Klemmer‘s workshops. I have seen massive life change from my experiences there. Next goal is to go to Advanced leadership workshop all the way to Heart of the Samurai this year. God will provide the money as needed. I have no doubt.

I will begin a video series on Faith and how that plays out in walking with God and our daily life.  You can find success and goals with out these techniques, but you cannot walk with Him without using this.  Coming very soon.

I am an affiliate in the GIN network.  I am looking to advance one to two more levels in this society this year. The information and community I have received from this group has been life changing.  Please contact me if you are interested in the club. I have many hours of audios

I can send you just for taking a look. If it blows you mind as it did mine, then you need to become a part of this.

I would like to find a mentor and a coach this year. I am very much a lone ranger guy, and I know too much on how detrimental that is to me.  I am looking for someone who has been through the gauntlet and can show me how to get my long term dreams accomplished.

This year I would like the time to court a lady. (nuff said)

I would like to take a cruise this year. I’ve never been and think i’d enjoy it. Don’t care where or when.

I want to spend Thanksgiving with my parents this year. I have missed the last two years, and I think the kids and I are very due this year.

This may not be measurable, but I want more time walking in the blessings of the Lord. He is my source and all and all. I owe him everything, so why wouldn’t I want more time with Him.

I hope these couple of ideas are helpful in your turning your dreams into reality.

I do plan to edit and write the date on when each of these are accomplished this year.

So my last goal is to have a date beside each goal/dream listed above.

Many blessings to you

Scott Coombe


Let’s make our success assured.

We need our dreams…

then we need a burning desire to accomplish them.

If God wills it, it’ll be done.

And wouldn’t life be much more rewarding having our dreams alive in our hearts?

like and let me know


8Dec13 A Humbling Revelation

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How much money would it take to fulfill your dreams?

What if there was another way?

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I didn’t know what was going on… I typically sleep very well.

So I began praying for some people at the Klemmer conference I’m at, who have just played a game that exposed some great weaknesses in their life. I’m praying they receive grace and hold that broken part up as an offering to be destroyed.

See, I can only say God has shown me how truly powerful I am… how loved and more…

He’s shown how truly set apart He is.

I hadn’t been reading my Bible lately and I got the impression He wanted to show me something.

So, when that impression is upon me, I open the Bible to a random spot and see what He has for me.

I opened to Ezra 7 18-20.

I was curious what God was saying until I finished verse 20.

Then I was dumbstruck.

“Lord, did you just open the vaults of the Royal treasury to me?”

Granted, I’m to take care of His house, but their is plenty of overflow

and to do what I want.

I was still dumbstruck and tears.

So I said I wanted confirmation.

So I flipped to another place to see if that talked about money as well.

I landed on Luke 6: 30-38.

It talked about giving love, doing good and “lending” without receiving payback.

It showed me His heart.

He is giving all the time.

He is blessings, loving, sharing, reproving, training up, maturing,

speaking to, comforting, encouraging, speaking into, and yes, lending

to all of the almost 6 billion people here on Earth each moment of the day.

So, opening up His treasury for His will to be done is totally

within His character.

He just needs the right messenger.

And apparently, He decided I’m ready.

tears keep filling my eyes.

Do you know what kind of wonderment recognition blessing

this is doing to me right now.

I’m in total awe of God.

I’ve just been trying to deal with some resentments and speak love into some people’s hearts.

There is so much pain going on in the world.

So much misunderstanding.

I’m really lost with all this compassion.

And feeling so overwhelmingly blessed.

I know I was not asking for money ‘per se’

but knowing that the vaults are open and the money for

what I am asking will fall in my lap?????

That is true blessing.

So, I opened my devotional for today.


It talked about Cinderella.

How when the invitation arrived, she opened her heart to go to the ball.

God sends an invitation and our desires can go free.

I feel I just got an amazing invitation this morning.

I feel like my heart is bursting.

Like I’m dancing between intellectual and mystic

which is maybe what God wants to use right now.

And where I am weak

He will show strength.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And may you be blessed

in many ways and wonders.

Scott Coombe

I love to be alone.
But my purpose lies beyond the safety of my walls.
And to that end, I must learn people.
For much of the riches of life are spent with people