Angst and Relationships

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I woke up this morning and didn’t want to get up.

I know I’m not the only one who relates to that.

So, I hit snooze and dreamt dreams of what I’d like to live in my day.

the buzz came back and for some reason, I grabbed the kindle

by my bedside and began playing a game.

20 minutes later (I think) I won and shut it down.

I roll over… looking at the ceiling.

“Lord, what do you have for me today? I’m a little lost.”


Now, I know I’m loved, I know I am totally blessed.

But sometimes I’d like to just pick up the phone and give him a call sometime.

“Hey, I’m hurting. Can you help me in this. What do you want me to do about these people and that event.”

I know… prayer is the one and sometimes two way phone call.

yeah, preach it till people stop listening… I mean you already did.

Sorry, feeling the angst of loving a person who’s as bad a communicator as I am.

I already lost a marriage because of it.

(well, there are two sides to that story)

But, in all of life I know there are a few things I can count on.

I am in charge of my emotions/reactions. I control if I’m going to be angry, bitter, happy or respond in kind… or love.

I am not a victim in life. I create the life I desire. My thoughts have great power and bring in my reality.

And thus in some way, I have created my own angst.

And that angst has created the communication block with God.

It has also created the communication block with other relationships in my life.

So, where does that leave me.

Sleepy in bed most mornings without much

desire to get up anymore.

no, more than that…

I need to change my thinking

I need to get my emotions in line with the Great Communicator

Because if I put in faith that He won’t communicate with me…

then He is stopped from communicating with me.

If I put in faith that my marriage was bad

Then it’s power prevents it from getting better.

If I put in faith that my family or other relationships have

wounded me beyond repair…

Or that I can’t be successful or famous or influential or write a great book… etc

you get the point.

Faith is like creating laws of life for yourself.

And I’ve placed faith in agreements that I’ve made

which were reactions to hardships

and now I’m all messed up.

I will have to do it all myself.

I am better alone.

No one is truly interested in me.

There isn’t anything worthy of my time, attention or love.

God doesn’t talk to me.

Can you see how these agreements have brought so much angst to my life?

Maybe you can see some that brought angst to your own life.

Now, cutting out the angst comes with ridding ourselves

of the clutter of false agreements.

That shall be the promise of next blog post.

And I’ll let you know how I’m doing on all this too.


Blessings to you all.

Scott Coombepeople suck fat


The Power Of Our Words

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Most people have no idea how much power resides in what they say or how they say it.

how we talk to people can either heal them or wound them deeply.

If you ask everyone around you… if their parents had said something that has wounded them to this day… almost all of them would say yes. Haven’t you?

Now how about your friends, co-workers, bosses, strangers you’ve just met, church people… ever hear an unwholesome word from them?

And often that can crush us, or edify some wrong thinking and take people on a crash course to depression.

Wow, it’s so easy to do.Negative Thoughts

Watch your words my friends.
Bring the love
bring the medicine
Bring sanity back

The Light

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Jesus is the light.
We all need to be yielded to that light.
He is the source of light
All life is in Him
simply draw close to get some.

and repentance is simply bringing darkness into His light.
The darkness goes away.

May His light glow upon your life

Scott Coombe

The Lost Heart… Soup for the Soul Today

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I am sitting here  at 11:30 pm rediscovering the beauty of Banana Cream Pie.


It’s one of those things that I enjoy maybe once every two or three years…

but when it’s within my reach, I cannot stop myself from
devouring as much as my heart can handle….

Kinda like Girl Scout Cookies.

What was the first thing that came to mind about writing this out?

Eating little chocolates.


You see, when I read the Bible, I typically have
a piece of chocolate with it

That way my association with reading the Bible is very tasty.


So, today I have been reading from the devotional
Knowing the Heart of God

Now a little background.
I have been posting a little bit about the way of the heart on Facebook.
I have been getting a number of readers who PM me about their relationships

from the breakdowns to the neglect to the very few vibrant souls…

it’s heartbreaking for me.

There is so much going on in our world…

There is abuse, struggle and striving after wind

And these things all conspire to kill our hearts.

We don’t want to deal with what life has brought us.

So much pain, misery and heartbreak…

It’s no wonder divorce and relationships have gone virtual

because so few people know how to feel and communicate with the heart anymore.

And that is why I want to lay out these devotionals in full here.

they are heavy and weighty and worthy of your heart.

Because I don’t think that this world is going to be getting any easier on us.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. Matt 5:8

There are few things more crucial to us than our own lives.

And there are few things we are less clear about.

This journey we are taking is hardly down the yellow brick road.

Then again, that’s not a bad analogy at all.

We may set out in the light, with hope and joy, but eventually,

our path always seems to lead us through dark woods…

shrouded with a low-lying mist.

Where is this abundant life that Christ supposedly promised?

Where is God when we need Him most?

What is to become of us?

The cumulative effect of our days upon years that we do not really

understand is a subtle erosion.

We come to doubt our place…

We come to question God’s intention towards us…

And we lose track of the most important things in life.

We’re not fully convinced that God’s offer to us is life.

We have forgotten that the heart is central…

and we have no idea that we were born into a world at war.

So much to speak into this…

I love that comment…

“We’re not fully convinced that God’s offer to us is life.”

Are you FULLY convinced that God’s offer to us is LIFE… like fully and abundantly?

it sure doesn’t seem to be playing itself out that way.

And how would we gauge LIFE… as abundant, high or half full?

How about running on empty?

it’s all a mystery to us.

But Jesus does say there is a place we can tap into

or maybe to abide in

where that life will manifest itself.

And I don’t think He was thinking television….

Now for round two:

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

In the end, it doesn’t matter how well we have performed or

what we have accomplished – a life

without heart is not worth living.

For out of this wellspring of our soul flow all true caring and

all meaningful work, all real worship and all sacrifice.

Our faith, hope and love issue from this fount as well.

It is in our heart that we first hear the voice of God and it is in the heart

that we come to know Him and learn to live in his love.

To lose heart is to lose everything.

And a “loss of heart” best describes most men and women in our day.

It isn’t just the addictions and affairs…

the depressions and heartaches

though, God knows, there are enough of these to cause even the best

of us to lose heart.

But there is the busyness, the drivenness, the fact that most of us

are living merely to survive.

Indeed, the many forces driving modern life have not only assaulted

the life of our hearts, they have dismantled the heart’s habitat –

that geography of mystery and transcendence

we knew so well as children.

All of us have had, at one time or another, the sense that something important,

perhaps the only important thing,

had been explained away or tarnished and lost to us forever.

Sometimes little by little, sometimes in large chunks,

life has appropriated the terrain meant to sustain and nourish

the wilder life of the heart, forcing

it to retreat as an endangered species into a smaller

more secluded, and often darker geographies for its survival.

As this happens, something is lost, something vital.

And that is where we lie in those lazy mornings before coming fully awake

where the dream world has not fully left us,

yet the draw of the world has not yet penetrated, corrupted the magic of life.

in those moments… could we dare to dream that life itself should be magical?

Heck, could living from our heart truly be worth it?

I don’t know.

It took me a long time… decades really just to figure out I really had a heart.

it was locked up, chained… surrounded by fences and walls with barbed wire all around.

All of my issues had issues and


there was no entrance to visit the heart

much less set it free.

But this last many years

and, oh, let me tell you this is a journey

I have been setting myself to free my heart.

I have cuts and wounds, scars and blood…

just to get to the heart to deal with the pains that lie within.

Oh, does this journey get better?

yes, yes it does.

See, I have been able to let it go.

the heart is a wild beast at times.

there is no controlling it.

but the desires it contains are wonderful

full of joy and laughter and a sense of my true self.

And I see the few people who complain about me…

see the free wild-ass joy that grows out of me at times

they want to curb it.

they say it distracts them

some may be offended.

And I see that that may be how they handle their own heart.

So, i love on them as much I can,

but I will dismiss their desire to have me live without heart.

No, this is the precious gift I will never give up.

That I can dance with the youth kids in the isle during church worship time,

have them see passion and life…

have an outlet for their energy…

Kids raising their hands out…

Dancing like David did…

Dancing with joy in the heart in worship.

I’m sad that some can’t see in their heart to rejoice for others.

I’m also sad that some marriages have so neglected each other that…

all there is left is separate lives.

Oh, a life without heart

is going to destroy our nation.

our families

our joy

and, yes, especially our faith.

It is my desire that you begin your journey.

And if you don’t have any idea where to start…

how about  you pray this simple prayer


free my heart…

bind my wounds…

make me whole…

bring back my joy…

let me get some worship on…

free me to love…

You, myself and others.


I hope you enjoyed this.

many blessings to you

Scott Coombe



PS, I still have some pie left.

So, I may just have to write a little something more tomorrow night.


be blessed y’all

Out Of Balance

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How out of balance is your world?
How about the world at large?
Do you ever wonder what’s going on?In today’s world, everything is getting blown out of proportion:
our bodies
our stress
our children
Insanityor blown away
our health
our education
moral living
financial security

How do you want to live your life?
Where do you find balance?

Cancer, like insanity, seems to increase with the progress of civilization. – Stanislaus Tanchou
… and while we’re there… where is all the time gone to do anything about it?
I doubt this is a little attack by the devil.
We’re all getting taken out.
Take a moment – 5 – 10 minutes and simply dream
Dream of being in control.
Dream of thin
Dream of fun energy and pizzazz
Dream of healthy vitality
Dream of success
Dream of loving relationships
Dream of a great you – in all your glory
Now get to it.
Scott Coombe

A Scary Rundown on AIDS… What it is and What’s going on now

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Obama has issued an executive order that mandates HIV testing for all individuals from 15 to 65 years old who are seeking medical help for any condition. The cost will be paid by taxpayers through Obamacare.

I hope you are sitting down for this:
(1) AIDS is not a disease but a “syndrome” of symptoms caused by a slew of common diseases all related to the breakdown of the immune system;
(2) A common cause of a breakdown in the immune system is drugs (recreational, over-the-counter, and prescription),
(3) The test for AIDS is easily fooled into giving false-positive results triggered by such things as a common cold;
(4) There is no known cure for AIDS because of fact number one;
(5) the most commonly prescribed treatment for AIDS is a drug that weakens the immune system, thus aggravating the very condition it supposedly is combating.

So how do politicians come up with the idea of forcing everyone to be tested for AIDS? Do you think that the billions to be made by drug companies for testing kits and so-called treatments might motivate them to lobby for this?


Scott Coombe