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19 Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immagration

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Sometimes a State does bring some great humor.

Here is a list of 19 disturbing facts about illegal immigrants that all Americans should know, especially now, while Congress is considering giving citizenship to illegal immigrants.


Scott Coombe


Klemmer 1 hour Champions Workshop

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So, I fully believe in this.

If you are looking to be a Champion,..

if you desire to make the most of your desires…

This is the first step to gaining your life back from the unknown.

Yes, the training balance scale is deemed the success principle here, but it is amazing how many people do change their life just from this foundational aspect of development.

Please watch this video all the way through.

I hope you see the impact this training can give to you.

As for me, this was my first step in changing my life.

I had just gotten through some very tough elements of life: a wife left me, I lost my job, two young kids were depending on me for all their needs.

I went to the personal mastery seminar looking for needed life change.  I required a whole lot of dynamic change in my life RIGHT NOW… and my intention was to have major life change that weekend.

I got everything I wanted and more.

Take him up on the offer

and you can begin LIVING your life instead of watching it go by.

Make it your intention to find amazing life change.

Click here to go to Klemmer and go to the Personal Mastery or Champions Workshop close to you.

Many blessings and thanks to you.

I love people who want to improve and grow.

I will be at the Personal Mastery workshop in Portland OR on Dec 6-8

hope to see you there

Scott Coombe

find me on Facebook, I love to interact with cool people.

PS,. the red black game was worth every penny paid for the entire event.  And I got so much more.

Ugly Ducklings

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 There once was an ugly duckling

 There once was a servant named Cinderella

 There once was an exile named Snow White

 There once was a captive named Rapunzel

 and they all had hardships…

 And Time revealed them to be rewarded

 By their heart’s desires.

 Look in the mirror and see beauty.

 Inside lies the fruits of the spirit.


From your lips.

Believe in your dreams

Time shall reveal your heart’s desires

🙂 Scott Coombe


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A little lost mythic lore to brighten your day… and guide you on your journey to heaven

All that is gold does not glitter

Not all those who wander are not lost

The old that is strong does not wither

Deep roots are not reached by the frost

From the ashes, a fire shall be woken

A light from the shadows shall spring

Renewed shall be the blade that was broken

The crownless again shall be king

J.R.R. Tolkien

Without Time? The Great Philosophical Construct – Great Scott Moments

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We live on Earth.

Earth is a B I G planet that circles around every 24 hours.

This planet also goes around the SUN every year.

And thus we are able to record time.

And without these big things circling in empty space,,, we would never have time.

What would time look like if there were no Sun Moon and stars?

There would be really nothing to base time off of.

I would prefer the 30 hour day.

10 hours of work

10 hours of play

10 hours of sleep

but if we kept it at a 24 hour day (which we certainly would have to)

then each hour would be about 48 minutes.

And we wouldn’t really need minutes then either.

Because what would we base a minute after?

The scream of a lil kid after pinching him?

The time it takes to put on two shoes?

The length of a good piss?

So that would be 48 good pisses to make one hour…

and of’course we’re sleeping for 10 of ’em

wet bed

So, I guess that is why one of the first thing God did

was make big moving things in the empty space

he gave us linear beings… time.

Thank you God.

Because now I have a phone that can tell me exactly what time

everyone else is moving by and we can all hook up to chat.

How is that for satisfying?

Which could lead us to taste.

How do we know what chicken really tastes like…

did God mess up somewhere….


blessings to you all

have a happy blessed day.

Scott Coombe

Are You Coachable – Teachable? Why This Matters

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Being Coachable & Teachable

From Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command

This is simply a little overview of some of the things Kevin speaks about on one of the fundamentals: The Teach-ability Index

You must have a  Willingness to learn and do things differently

“                 Willingness to accept change

“                 Be willing to give up something you love

“                 Be willing to invest your time and money

If you want things in your life to change,

You are going to have to change things in your life.

Feel free to grab the whole series free at

blessings to you

Scott Coombe